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What can DevKit do for you?

100% JavaScript!

Code faster and easier in the world’s most popular language

Whether you’re working on a prototype of a new idea or on the hundredth iteration of a core game mechanice, JavaScript lets you focus on what you’re trying to accomplish rather than getting bogged down in elaborate typing or strict compilation rules.


Proven technology, deployed world-wide

The DevKit is production-ready.  We've seen dozens of games released on our tech, reaching millions of users and Top-10 charts in over 20 countries!  This real-world experience ensures that your games will be stable and compatible with all devices.

Just like Web Development

All the best parts of web development, now for games!

Use your favorite text editor, use your favorite web browser.  Leverage all the best web development tools, with the cutting edge debugging environments in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Native speeds on iOS and Android

iOS and Android production games built on top of OpenGL for maximum performance

When you’re ready to launch your game, run a single command to package either iOS or android binaries ready for upload to the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.  Your game will run at native speeds, taking full advantage of the powerful GPUs and CPUs in modern smartphones.  We’ve handled all the differences between iOS and Android for you.

Refresh to reload

Just refresh the page to try out your latest code

The Game Closure DevKit provides a web simulator for developing your game in iOS or Android-like environments.  Just navigate to a webpage to test your game.  No more waiting for compilation, upload, installation, and launch!

On-device testing environment!

Testing on a device? Don’t lose time here either!

At the end of the day, you can’t replicate mobile hardware perfectly in a browser simulator.  For testing real-world performance and touch interface interactions, we provide a complete mobile testing environment that follows our web principles.  Our iOS and Android test applications let you test your code over WiFi.  Hit refresh to test new code, just like you would in the GC web simulator.

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