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Teddy was an intern during the early days of Game Closure who was brought on because of his JavaScript skills. However, we were all very surprised when his pet project, Blob Blast, ended up being a huge success on Google Play! Here is what he had to say about it:

When I was 15, I interned at Game Closure and created Blob Blast—a cute, broad-appeal cross between a puzzle and casual arcade game. Using the GC DevKit, I built and launched it in about two weeks. After successfully shipping it to over 100,000 users, I’m super happy to be open sourcing it as a reference game for the DevKit! I’m hoping it will be a great help to other developers learning the stack.

Take a look, give it a try, and then check out the source. Thanks to Jeff Himmelman for the amazing art and the entire Game Closure team (see AUTHORS) for all their help!

-Teddy Cross /

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