• Adventure Map Engine

    written by Arno van der Vegt on August 3, 2013

    In a lot of games the player’s progress through the game is visually represented with an adventure map. The player has an overview of the levels which are finished and the levels which are still to come. Classic examples of games where an adventure map is used are Super Mario and Commander Keen.

  • Automating The Illustrator Art Pipeline

    written by Patrick Fram on July 1, 2013

    Art pipelines can all too often be one of the biggest headaches in game development. During the course of a project, game artists will be creating wireframes, art concepts, screen mockups, style guides, and final assets; not to mention any placeholders or revisions along the way.

  • Rome Sweet Rome – An Isometric City Building Game and Framework

    written by Arno van der Vegt on June 22, 2013

    The latest addition to the demo projects of the DevKit is “Rome, Sweet Rome” – A city building game. This game is built with our new isometric engine which is completely open source.

  • Announcing: DevKit Native Plugin System, Geolocation Plugin, and Map Library!

    written by Chris Taylor on June 15, 2013

    We are pleased to present the new native plugin system with version 0.1.22 of the Game Closure DevKit!

  • GC Wins Grand Prize @ TDC 2013 Hack-a-thon

    written by Jimmy Griffith on June 8, 2013

    Our mission was simple: build a game in 24 hours. Typically, this would mean locking your team in a room for the entirety of the project, and putting aside daily routines like sleeping and bathing in favor of a delirious scramble to produce as much as possible before time runs out. Armed with the Game Closure DevKit, however, we had a much more enjoyable game jam experience.