Amazing Messenger Games and Technology from the Creators of EverWing

Game Closure creates technology to author and distribute HTML5 apps and bring them to large audiences, including our own hit messenger game EverWing, an enthralling fantasy shooter to play with friends.


Game Closure Leadership Team

Since its foundation in 2011, Game Closure is led by co-founder and CEO Michael Carter, joined by a stellar management team.

  • Michael Carter
    CEO & Co-founder

    An early contributor to Node.js, Michael developed the Websockets protocol, used by billions of devices worldwide.

  • Tom Fairfield
    Chief Scientist

    Developed xc.js, one of the first HTML5 Canvas game engines for the browser and mobile

  • Cecilia Hayes
    Human Resources

    Bringing together Silicon Valley and corporate practices, Cecilia has led HR in fast growing global high tech start-ups and multinational organizations.

  • Steve Pellizzer

    Formerly CFO of WePay (acquired by Chase), eWise, and CyberSource (acquired by Visa).

  • Jia Shen
    Business Development

    Co-founder and CTO of RockYou, Jia brings a wealth of experience in free to play and social gaming.

  • Linda Eltherington

    Finding and recruiting great people who fit the company culture, a role she played previously at Cisco and several Valley startups.

  • Jeff Himmelman

    Previously at Wizards of the Coast and Warner Bros' Turbine, Jeff oversees art and creative.

  • Raphaël Mazoyer

    Built marketing, engineering and product teams on three continents, launched global e-commerce for ASICS.

Board of Directors

Michael Carter
Tom Fairfield
Peter Bell
Matt Ocko
Jay Chi

Brilliant investors back Game Closure

Global Partnerships

In 2015, Game Closure partnered with Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten to form a strategic joint venture, Rakuten Games.