The Fastest Engine to Build Messenger Games

The Game Closure technology platform provides game studios with proven tools to author, distribute, optimize, and operate high-performance messenger games


Quickly develop and monitor a complex game economy, in a trusted environment


Rapid iterations, fast build times, incredibly smooth gameplay even on low-end devices, across all platforms


Powerful tooling to import and maintain high-quality art and animations, right from your usual software


The Fastest Engine

Building high-performance messenger games

Ready to use advanced features of modern phones, but also optimized to run the most visually intense gameplay smoothly, even on low-end hardware, and relying on a very small initial download, the Game Closure DevKit lets you build blazing fast games.

All the World's Platforms

The technology to reach for all your future players

Messengers have become the most effective distribution, allowing your games to reach millions of new players in just hours or days. The Game Closure stack enables you to scale globally, with platforms features like notifications, in-app purchases, or chatbots conveniently and effectively integrated.

Natively Social

Let players engage with their friends in messengers

Leaderboards to encourage competition, sophisticated player-to-group interaction, whether with the player's own friends or newly discovered contacts, make full use of the underlying messenger functionality to build more engaging and viral games.

Advanced Gaming Features

Specific tools to build and operate successful games

The Game Closure stack supports advanced game design tasks, such as creating and optimizing game economies, adjusting parameters to ensure the product feels right, and offers deep access to analytics to support business decisions.

Client-Server Continuity

Develop and test on the client, secure on the server

All game features can be developed and run locally, ensuring maximum speed and minimal costs. As necessary, seamlessly move to the Game Closure Ledger service in the cloud for full server authority.


Proven technology, deployed world-wide

The Game Closure DevKit is production-ready. We've seen dozens of games released on our tech, reaching millions of users and Top-10 charts in over 20 countries! This real-world experience ensures that your games will be stable and compatible with all devices.

100% JavaScript!

Code faster and easier in the world’s most popular language

Relying on the modern development tooling of ES6 and its most advanced features, JavaScript lets you focus on your game, whether you're working on the prototype of a new idea or on the hundredth iteration of a core game mechanic.